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Before you turn on the Puremidifier

Unscrew the base and fill with water (tap water or filtered water).

Screw the base back on to the top of the unit.

IMPORTANT: Turn the unit upside down for 3 seconds. This process saturates the Hydro Wick and helps create optimal humidification. If you do not hold the filled unit upside down, the humidifier will not properly function and you will see no mist. 

Activate one of the 3 Modes

Mode 1 - Air Purifier Only: Press the power button and hold it down for 3 seconds and the Purmidifier will start in the air-purifier only mode.

Mode 2 - Humidifier Only: Once the unit is powered on and operating in the purifier only mode, simply press the power button again (no need to hold for 3 seconds) and you will change to Humidifier-only mode.

Mode 3 - Combination Purifier plus Humidifier: Press the power button a third time and you will activate the combination mode Air Purification PLUS Humidity. This is our favorite mode!

Shut Down: To shut off the Puremidifier, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.

The Puremidifier is designed to be used on your desktop, your night stand or even in your car. It can clean and humidify rooms up to 400 sq feet.  

One full tank of water will provide humidification for approximately 5 hours. 

Recommended Uses

Home Office: Plug your Puremidifier into your laptop and enjoy hours of effortless skin care. One tank of water will last around 5 hours and will prevent dull, dry skin throughout the day. 

Morning Routine: Start your morning routine by immersing your skin with cool, hydrating mist. Take 5 minutes and bathe your skin with the Puremidifier. Damp skin is like a sponge and it will create fast absorption of your moisturizer. 

Nighttime Routine: Planning on binge watching some Netflix? Don’t forget your Puremidifier. Your skin will thank you in the morning.

Bedroom: With a USB outlet adapter (brick) you can plug your Puremidifier into the wall socket and enjoy clean, hydrated air as you sleep. When the tank runs out of water the Puremidifier will continue to run all night as it cleans the air around you. 

On the Go: The Puremidifier is super light-weight and fits great in a carry-on bag or a shoulder bag. Bring it with you wherever you go and enjoy clean, hydrated air in any hotel, resort or rental. Its also great for long car trips.